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    Chiesa di S.Croce
    Via Stradicciola di S.Croce, 8
    06024 Gubbio (PG)

Storical notes:
The origin of the Confraternity goes far back in time and dates back to the half of the 1200's when the "Compagnie dei Disciplinati" was formed who contested the habits and sins of the society. In the various towns this company integrated with the "Compagnie dei Laudesi" who represented holy plays in the city squares, especially the passion of Christ and these representations were selected by the Confraternity.
The oldest document which mentions the Confraternity of S. Croce is of 1474.
In 1987, after 60 years of activities, the Confraternity was reconstituted with a new statute, containing the "rules" from the old statutes.
Laymen of both sexes, Christians and anyone devoted to the Cross of Christ, can form part of the confraternity.

The Confraternity keeps the cult of the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ alive. For this purpose it organizes the Procession of Christ deceased encouraging the maximum participation of Christians and spreading the tradition of the songs of the "Miserere".

The university is represented by:
             President: Parroco della parrocchia di S. Martino.
             Prior layman: Paolo Minelli.
             Vice prior layman: Cesare Migliarini.
             Financial treasurer: Paolo Salciarini.

Among the duties of the Confraternity there are also two "Deputies of the Church" and two "Camerlenghi": the first have the duty of keeping in custody the holy furnishing of the church and providing everything necessary for the holy mass. The second have to take charge of the bags, the crosses, the hammers and the poles which are used for the holy functions.

Procession of Christ deceased, in the late afternoon of holy Friday.
Exaltation of the Holy Cross, on the 14th September.