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    Via Savelli della Porta, 18A
    06024 Gubbio (PG)
    Tel. 075/9271370

Storical notes:
The University of Shoemakers was already established in Gubbio at the time of the great splendour of the free commune. From 1338, the year of the pubblication of the statute of the free Commune of Gubbio, it has two captains and continued electing them without interval until 1680.
The statute of the university was approved by the communal council in August 1341. Changes were made in it in 1495, in 1568, in 1740, in 1868 and finally in1888 when it was approved with a decree of the king of Italy, Umberto l.
The life of this university, was very dinamic in the centuries. Some facts demonstrate it: in 1725, in occasion of the Holy Year, it was present in Rome with a representative group of 102 members, excellently received by the University of Shoemakers of Rome.
On this occasion the eugubinian shoemakers arrived in uniform (black bag and black mantle) with the famous flag banner of the University which some writers of than time described to be attributed to Raffaello of Urbino, and others to Michel'Angelo Bonarota. This Gonfalone, that now is in the statal archive of Gubbio since 1928, represents the eternal Father with the Madonna of the Pietà and on the sides, St. Ubaldo and St. Crispino. This flag banner reminds us of the painting which is in the university, attributed to Giovanni Maria Baldassini (1566 - 1601). St. Crispino and St. Crispiniano are the protectors of the shoemakers. In fact, these two noble romans, decapitated in 286, were shoemakers, for a living, when they went to Gallia to preach Christianity.
According to some legends, St. Ubaldo often made miracles by letting water run, which is indispensable for the working of leather.
In 1801 Pope Pious Vll published an Edict with which he ordered the suppression of all Corporations. All the eugubinian universities were suppressed, but the "Calzolari" obtained another provision which re-established the university with new aims of assistance, charity and cult instead of social and economical functions. The association now had mostly religious functions.
But the problems for the University of Shoemakers did not end here ! In 1808 there was the occupation on behalf of the French troups and this caused the transfer of the properties and values of the University into the hands of the State; only after 1814, after the fall of Napoleon, the shoemakers could regain their legitimate properties, represented mostly by properties sold in 1981 to buy the present seat, and properties for commercial and residential use.

The aim is absolutely of assistance, as noted in article 1 of the Statute of 1888, still valid,: "The University of Shoemakers of Gubbio does not have other purposes than giving mutual help to individual workers of the art of shoemaking…..the means with which it provides are those of profits of various properties"..

The University is represented by:
             President: Nello Barbi.
             Vice President: Carlo Bianconi.
             Councillors: Mario Ronchi, Adolfo Grelli, Ardicino Minelli.

             Festa of St. Crispino, on the 25th October, in the Church of St. Francesco.