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    Via Savelli,4
    06024 Gubbio (PG)
    Tel. 075/9229310

Storical notes:
The Art of Carpenters is already nominated in the statute of the free Commune of Gubbio in 1338 L'attivitą di questa corporazione medievale era regolata da uno statuto del 22 gennaio 1334, ma gią otto anni prima (1326) esisteva un suo capitano.The activities of this medieval corporation are regulated by a statute of 22nd January 1334, but already eight years before (1326) its captain existed. The Art statute was reformed in 1365. Since then the election of its captains took place regularly until 1680. But still in 1803 there are traces of their elections. We remember that in 1801 Pope Pious Vll published an Edict in which he ordered the suppression of the Antique Medieval Corporations. All the eugubinian universities were suppressed, but the "Carpenters", together with the "Shoemakers" made resistence and survived better than the others. However, they were forced to add aims of assistance and cult to their old economical and social functions. Obviously the association had substantially a religious aspect.
From 1334 the art statute was reformed in 1365 and in various other occasions, until the actual one, dated 27th May 1999, with which the association assumes the characteristic of an organization without any aims of profit, but only of Social utility (ONLUS).

The University is the owner of the Seat in Via Savelli and of the "Palazzo dell'Universitą dei Falegnami", near the church of St. Giuseppe, and situated in via della Repubblica.
The building, an excellent architectonical example of 1300, was recently restored by the University itself.

Aims (as written in the article 3 of the Statute of 27th May 1999):
           Maintaining and conserving its real patrimonial estate;

           Promoting the professional qualification of its members and young apprendists;

           Helping its needy members with acts of solidarity;

           Solemnizing the festa of its protector, St. Joseph.

The University is represented by:
             President: Mario Poggi.
             Vice President: Giampiero Filippetti.
             Secretary: Roberto Filippetti.
             Councillors: Pompeo Poggi, Umbro Filippetti.

             Festa of St. Joseph, on the 19th March, at the church of St. Giuseppe,
             also property of the University, which intends restoring it in the near future.