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From ART. 2 of the Statute:

The purpose of the Association is the development of activities to promote culture and art.
In particular the association aims at promoting, in all possible ways, relations between Eugubinians living in Gubbio and Eugubinians, as well as their descendents, living in the rest of the world. In other words the Association wants to offer the possibility to Eugubinians, their descendents, and everyone who loves Gubbio, wherever they are spread out in the world, to be "Citizens" of a "Virtual Gubbio", much bigger and larger than the real Gubbio.
With the following intentions:
  1. The members, with other Societies of Gubbio, the Community of Gubbio, contribute to the protection of civil, cultural, storical and moral values of the eugubinian generations.

  2. The members aim at uniting all those who love Gubbio in a bond based on valid principles of brotherhood, agreement, reciprocal respect, of equality and loyalty, forgetting any personal interest and any possible partiality for the well-being of the Eugubinian Community in all the world.

  3. The members will try to promote the study and the research of eugubinian emigration in the world; they will also establish periodical publications with the help of modern technologies and they will create a center for the documentation of eugubinian emigration and a register of eugubinians that have emigrated and of their descendents.

  4. The members will be able to organize and promote meetings, debates, congresses, round tables, exhibitions, competitions, instructive trips and cultural demonstrations which could serve as occasions to meet emigrated eugubinians and their descendents. They will also have to coordinate their actions, according to the principles of autonomy and without taking any sides, with those organizations who should decide to develop activities coinciding with interests, purposes and aims of the Association "Eugubini nel mondo - ONLUS".
    It is always necessary to indicate those people who stand out among others in some way in the history of Gubbio.

  5. The members will make known the traditions and the history of Gubbio and will put together all the storical, literal and photocinematographical material concerning the city, in order to emphasize its beauty, its traditions and merits of its children, wherever they are in the world.
    In particular the association intends publishing magazines, periodicals, books, objects and promotional printed matter, the productions of films, audiocassettes, compact and video discs and could use all modern forms of communication, including Internet and similar forms.

  6. The members will take useful stable and occasional initiatives with the purpose of helping the association finantially, in this way promoting its own social life, as much as possible.

  7. The association can join or promote any initiatives that facilitate the reception of foreign Italian citizens without any distinction.
    The association is prohibited from having any other activities apart from those mentioned above. The association can, however, take part in activities directly connected to those which are constitutional or if they are accessories which integrate the abovementioned activities, in the limits allowed by the D.Lgs 4 December 1997 nr. 460 and successive modifications and integrations."



All physical and juridical persons, associations and societies that agree with the Association's aims, without any distinction of sex, race citizenship and religion, can join the Association.

The Association is divided in members:
  • Founders
  • Activist
  • Relatives
  • Supporters
  • Honorary members
1. I Founder Members are those who, apart from having taken part in the constitution of the Association "Eugubini nel mondo", have also seen to the drafting of the Statute and its registration.
2. I Activist Members are the supporters (physical and juridical persons, Societies and Associations) who plan, administer and participate in the activities of the Association. They have to pay their annual membership fee.
3. I Relative Members are those who form part of the family of an Activist or Founder member of the Association. These members don't have to pay their annual membership fee.
4. I Supporter Members are those who, not being able to participate actively in the activities of the Association, participate however with proposals, subventions, donations and particular contributions. They will constantly be kept informed on the activities of the Association and can form the
Circles of the Area, seing that they are actual members, if they don't live in the comune of Gubbio.
5. I Honorary Members are represented by people of politics, culture, science, art, economy, finance and sport, who with their activities demonstrated the qualities of eugubinians and of Gubbio. The honour of being member can be given to people who aren't eugubinians, but who have particular merits towards Gubbio and this Association.


 Organs of the Association


  • Assembly of Members (founders and activists);
  • Directive Council;
  • Committee of Founder Members;
  • President;
  • Vice President;
  • Sectretary;
  • Treasurer;
  • College of Account revisors;
  • College of scrutineers;
  • Circles of the area.


From ART. 15 of the Statute:

"The Association hopes that the supporting members living in the various Italian provinces or in foreign countries form "Circles of the area", or branches of the Association "Eugubinians in the World - ONLUS", and hopes that they will keep to the original aims of the association, as decided by the Statute. These circles, in their hometown, will take care of the interests of the Association and will elect a Council and a Governor who, on special order of the President, represents the Association and and has the duty of keeping the contacts between the Association and the supporting members within the limits of Circle of the area".

Who is interested in having an integral copy of the Statute can ask for it, specifying the language.