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    Convento di San Francesco
    06024 Gubbio (PG)
    Tel. 075/9220477
    e-mail: Gubbiocentropace@lycos.it

Historical notes:
The Centre was constituted on the 13th April 1994 and is associated with the centre for the Peace of Assisi. The founder members are: father Domenico Foderaro, ing. Mario Franceschetti, father Igini Gagliardoni, geom. Gabriele Laurenzi, prof. Ina Pizzichelli, prof. Giancarlo Sollevanti, cav. Araldo Vispi.

The Peace centre is on the official roll of Voluntary workers, does not gain any profit and exclusively aims at social human, civil and cultural solidarity. The peace centre spreads the culture of peace and solidarity, the adoption of children from a long distance by assisting the children and their families through franciscan missionary workers.

Present people responsible:
             President: Gabriele Laurenzi.
             Vice President: Padre Domenico Foderaro e Padre Igino Gagliardoni.
             Secretary: Giancarlo Sollevanti.
             Treasurer: Ardicino Gnagni.
             Councillors: Mario Franceschetti, Pina Pizzichelli, Angelo Ranalli, Araldo Vispi.

Initiatives and Manifestations (exhibitions):
Conferences, round tables, writings on the theme of peace and solidarity according to the franciscan dictates.

The introduction of the "Franciscan fire of the Peace" a bronze candlestick representing St. Francis, the tame wolf and the fire) which is donated, every year, to Societies, Associations, States, organizations etc. who play a special role where peace and solidarity are concerned.

"The Feast of the Taming" introduced to spread the message of franciscan peace. It takes place every year, in the month of October.

The valorisation of the Franciscan pathway of the Peace, (of which it was the promoter in 1994) with exhibitions, conferences and invitations to follow it with any means.

The constitution of the "Company of the Guardians of the peace fire" of which only firemen could be members. It has the duty of guarding the statue of the peace Fire which is situated in the Church of the Vittorina and always help those who are in dangerous situations. The company unites, once a year, on the Saturday preceding the Festa of the taming.

The organization of a trip to New York in occasion of the Columbus Day 2002.
On this occasion there will be the:

Handing over of the "Franciscan Peace Fire" to the Firemen of New York.

Handing over of the patent of "Guardian of the Peace fire" to the families of the American firemen killed on the 11th September 2001, during the fall of the Twin Towers.