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Seat: Corso Garibaldi, 50
              06024 Gubbio (PG)
              Tel and fax. 075/9273912

Storical notes:
The Association was founded on the 23rd October 1950 by eugubinians: Mario Rosati, Origene Rogari, Giuseppe Bei Clementi, Sergio Alunno, Nicola Benedetti, Giuseppe Bossola, Flaminio Farneti, Pio Farneti, Adolfo Fiorucci, Tito Morena, Rizieri Nicchi, Raffaele Nucci, Leo Orsini, Guido Prosperetti, Antonio Rossi, Augusto Solano, Giuseppe Raffi, Saffo Scavizzi, Maceo Tonini, Eugenio Vispi.

It was officially recognized an institution by the Prefect in Perugia on 6th June 1952.

It was registered on the regional register of the pro-loco with the decree of the President of the Regional committee of 2nd December 1975.

E' iscritta all'U.N.P.Ll. Umbria.

At its leadership there were the following Presidents:
             1950 - 1951: Mario Rosati
             1951 - 1953: Mario Farneti
             1953 - 1955: Orazio Rosati
             1955 - 1972: Mario Rosati
             1973 - 1975: Timo Sannipoli
             1976: Mariangelo Scavizzi
             1977 - 1980: Mario Rosati
             1981 - 1984: Timo Sannipoli
             1985 - 1989: Luciano Stirati
             1990: Enrico Sannipoli
             1991 - 1999: Giovanni Turziani
             2000: Alfredo Morelli

The main statutary aims are:
a) taking care of the preparation, propaganda and procedure of Gubbio's Traditional exhibitions, with special reference to the Festa of the Ceri;
b) working together with institutions in order to improve the inflow of tourists in the City and in its territory;
c) to promote cultural initiatives; in order to give full value to, to protect and to defend the surrounding and artistical patrimony in the City and in the territory;
d) playing the part of stimulus, of connection and coordination between the eugubinian associative realities.

Directive Council (as resulting from the elections of May 2000):
             President: Alfredo Morelli
             Vice President: Italo Belardi
             Secretary: Agostino Barbi
             Treasurer: Ubaldo Gini
             Councillors: Dante Ambrogi, Walkiria Baldinelli, Francesco Barbetti,
                             Adolfo Barbi, Giampiero Bedini, Pietrangelo Farneti, Stefano Finori,
                             Franco Marchetti, Giacomo Marinelli Andreoli, Pina Pizzichelli,
                             Giulio Cesare Pascolini, Ettore Sannipoli, Timo Sannipoli,
                             Mario Tognaccini, Turziani Giovanni.

Initiatives and Appointments:
The Maggio Eugubino Association has played important roles in many sectors to Gubbio's advantage.
Apart from finding a meeting point between eugubinians living in our city and those spread out in the rest of the world, the Maggio Eugubino has promoted and realized many cultural, touristical and folkloristical initiatives and has constructively stimulated the Public Societies to always work in favour of Gubbio and its people.

Some of the initiatives of Maggio Eugubino which we remember are: